1: "Sit" - Teach your Doberman to sit on command for better obedience and control.

2: "Stay" - Ensure your dog stays in place until released for safety and discipline.

3: "Come" - Train your Doberman to come when called for recall and off-leash control.

4: "Down" - Teach your dog to lie down on command for relaxed behavior and training.

5: "Heel" - Practice walking your Doberman beside you on a loose leash for better walks.

6: "Leave it" - Prevent your dog from picking up harmful items with this essential command.

7: "Off" - Train your Doberman to get off furniture or people when commanded.

8: "Drop it" - Encourage your dog to release objects safely and promptly.

9: "Quiet" - Teach your Doberman to stop barking on cue for peace and quiet in your home.