1: Miranda Bailey, known for her leadership and compassion, served as Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

2: Dr. Richard Webber, a beloved mentor and skilled surgeon, also held the title of Chief of Surgery.

3: Dr. Derek Shepherd, renowned for his surgical expertise, briefly took on the role of Chief of Surgery.

4: Dr. Owen Hunt, a talented trauma surgeon, was appointed Chief of Surgery after Dr. Webber.

5: Dr. Preston Burke, known for his innovative techniques, also served as Chief of Surgery.

6: Dr. Teddy Altman, a skilled cardiothoracic surgeon, was appointed interim Chief of Surgery.

7: Dr. Mark Sloan, a brilliant plastic surgeon, briefly held the position of Chief of Surgery.

8: Dr. Katie Bryce, the first patient seen on the show, later became Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan.

9: Dr. Maggie Pierce, a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon, currently holds the title of Chief of Surgery.