1: "9 Niche Sports Anime That Are Underappreciated Discover hidden gems in the world of sports anime."

2: "Infinite Dendrogram Explore a virtual reality MMORPG with exciting game mechanics."

3: "Taisho Baseball Girls Follow a group of girls breaking gender norms in baseball."

4: "Cheer Boys!! Join a college cheerleading team on their journey to nationals."

5: "Keijo!!!!! Witness intense battles in a unique sport combining sumo and gymnastics."

6: "Giant Killing Experience a soccer manager's quest for success with an underdog team."

7: "Hikaru no Go Discover the world of competitive Go with a supernatural twist."

8: "Initial D Race through the mountains in thrilling drift racing competitions."

9: "Chihayafuru Delve into the world of competitive karuta and the bonds of friendship."